Who we are ?

Based on the noble message that law practice holds and as a substitute to the classic methods of law offices, the ALAQD Startups presents its legal services to entrepreneurs according to their commercial activities. In addition, the ALAQD Startups has Saudi lawyers who are specialized in drafting and reviewing commercial and non-commercial contracts in the city of Riyadh along with other cities from all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Achieving by that and guaranteeing the fulfillment of clients’ desires and their satisfaction according to Sharia Law, Saudi Regulations and International Conventions as per the best and most accurate professional standards in the field of law services.

The ALAQD Startups operates under law license issued from the Ministry of Justice of Saudi Arabia which is authenticated by “Maroof” portal which operates under the Ministry of Commerce and Investment.

منصة العقد

منصة العقد

ALAQD law firm for Startups and Legal services.

What are our services?

Other contracts which ALAQD Startups provides:

  • Employment Contracts.
  • Sales Contracts.
  • Lease Contracts.
  • Partnerships contracts.
  • Financing Contracts.
  • Distribution Contracts.
  • Marketing Contracts.
  • Ownership transfer of Intellectual property contracts.

Plus, more other services to provide..

ALAQD Startups Services

We provide two main services; they are:
Drafting of Commercial Contracts.
Reviewing of Commercial Contracts.
Most notably:

  • Providing and Registeration of Articles of Association inside and outside of the Kingdom.
  • Franchise Contracts.
  • Investment Contracts.
  • Operation and Management Contracts for factories, hotels and hospitals, along with other projects.
  • Service Level Agreements.
  • Privacy Terms & Conditions for Applications.

How are our services obtained?

You can simply and easily access our legal services without having to create an account on the platform. All you have to do is:

– Choose the type of contract you would like to formulate or review.

– attach the documents and notes that counsel wishes to see.

– wait for your lawyer to call fees and you can choose the Visual Connect feature to interact with them if you wish.

– then we’ll send The final contract you have requested

ALAQD Startups Idea

  • Site Management:

The ALAQD Startups is run by its Executive Manager Mr. Mohamed Al-mazianwho has already worked with a handful of companies and commercial agencies, foreign and in Saudi Arabia and, with drafting and reviewing their Franchise and Resale agreements in the Kingdom. He has also assisted his clients in the review of FIDICs and Joint Ventures along with other types of contracts that assist companies in organizing their commercial commitments.

Mr. Mohamed Al-mazian has also participated in the process of diversionof some companies and establishments through the converting of their legal capacity, for instance, the conversion of an establishment into being a limited liability or holding company, he has also assisted plenty of clients to overcome their legal challenges relating to liquidation, mergers or acquisition processes.

In the field of intellectual property rights, Mr. Mohamed Al-mazian has presented a lot of e- legal services that include; the Registeration of Trademarks, Services Marks, Collective Marks and Certification Marks. As well as, Patents, Industrial Models, Copyrights and domain names and more than that, and not to mention the services related to the renewals, amendments, waivers, mergers, licensing, legal protections, and names and addresses amendments plus obligatory licensing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

  • The Beginning:

At a certain point, a lawyer by the name Mohamed Al-mazian was working for one of the law firms. He pointed out that law firms can take like “forever” to process their applications and make their decisions because most of their works require plenty of phone calls andendless meetings with lawyers. By then, it sprang to his mind and flashed the idea of establishing a website that can substitutes the classic and traditional law offices that people are accustomed to, with which various legal e-services can be provided in a style that seems like a doddle.

  • The Applicability:

After the idea was born, the year 2016 marked the beginning of applicability, so,Mohamed Al-mazianalong with a group of technical geeks have held a meeting and structured the foundation the contract ALAQD Startups.

Then in 2018, ALAQD Startups, and for the first time, has gleamed in the horizons of cyber space as a substitute to classic and tradition law offices. It appears before you in its final version after going through various steps and processes of implementations and developments.

The importance of contract drafting

Since contracts are deemed to be a legal document, the language used in contracts drafting and wording shall be direct, assertive and clear. In view of the evolution of relationships and interrelationships, the need for having contracts drafting to know the rights and obligations of the parties to the contract have emerged, and taking into account the similar outcome of the same strength and impact of the deed and since a determination of dispute between contractual parties can be resolved by this piece of paper, the drafting of contracts have become the basis and the structure of any project or agreement.

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