ALAQD is a platform that primarily operates for all legal contractual services
We are a team of dynamic lawyers specializing in drafting and reviewing of commercial contracts
We provide a wide range of contractual solutions to local and international companies most specifically when it comes to drafting and reviewing commercial contracts whether they are in Arabic and English

who is the operator

The platform is operated by Mohammed Al Muzayen Law Firm, a boutique law firm that specializes in preparing a wide variety of legal documents, establishing and structuring local and international companies; with much particularity and attention to commercial issues and franchising

our services

contract review

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Contract review is as tedious as contract drafting itself,ALAQD is known to meticulously and diligently review every contract projects entrusted to them. We firmly believe that contracts carefully reviewed will work best to the advantage of both parties thereby preventing possible risks especially with regards to the application of the Saudi Laws and Regulations.In the event where problems may arise unexpectedly, ALAQD will provide you with the remedies necessary to resolve the breach or whatever problem arose

contract drafting

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Contracts are essential insert components of every business. They are used in almost all transactions involving two parties and are commonly used in retail services and activities, licensing procedures, employment relationships and insurance.Contracts bind the parties together.However, when the terms and conditions stipulated in the contracts are not clear enough to convey the thoughts of each party, problems are sure to arise.The problems may not only cause misunderstanding between the parties but may result to a costly and tedious legal dispute

other services

Management and operation contract
Employment Contract
Service agreement
Contract of Sale
Dispute Resolution and Arbitration agreement
Engineering and construction agreements
Non-disclosure Agreements
Event and organization contracts
Partnership agreement
Marketing and Advertising contract

Legal Advisory

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ALAQD is composed of a team of lawyers who are experts in the fields of commercial, contracts and franchise laws and regulations of Saudi Arabia. We provide legal advisories that are specifically structured and tailored-fit for your business needs including contractual solutions for various transactions however complex they maybe.Our advocacy is making your priorities and interests our priorities too.ALAQD commits to understand your business in order to provide you with the best strategies for your contractual solutions

Alaqd Premium

ALAQD Premium is our signature brand. It is a contract service solution that primarily aims to prevent possible disputes and resolve already existing contractual disputes

Doing business could be tedious when not strategically planned especially that laws and regulations change rapidly and compliance thereto is a challenge. But having an expert business partner will help you plan your business well and help you understand all contracts related to it. ALAQD guarantees best and successful result as it commits to closely work with you for a cost-efficient, cost-effective and excellent business outcome

ALAQD Premium is fully owned and operated by Mohammed Al-Muzayen Law Firm. It is a leading commercial, contracts and franchise law in Riyadh with a team of expert individuals ready to assist you

what is the commercial contracts

Contracts covered by ALAQD Platform

Commercial contract forms:

  1. Supply Contract
  2. Distribution Contract

Lawyer’s Role in Contract Drafting

The role of the lawyer in drafting begins with sitting down with the parties to the contract to identify their rights and obligations. After careful review, he then reveals the risks that are expected to occur during its implementation and develop an appropriate course of action to address them. Among the most important risks that a lawyer must take into account when drafting a contract are the operational, financial, technical and such other risks that may arise during its implementation.

After that, the lawyer must make sure the rights and duties of the parties to the contract are consistent with the rules of Saudi law, judicial precedents and customary business rules.

Upon establishing the legal framework that would govern the relationship of all the parties, the lawyer must then draft the contractual terms in a way that clarifies to them how to perform their legal obligations.

What are commercial contracts

Commercial contracts comprise legally enforceable agreements between two or more parties for payment of money or performance of a task, whether in written or oral form. The contract is not legal unless it is consensual and without coercion, and in the event that either of the parties fails to fulfill his contractual obligations, Saudi law guarantees to the offended person a claim for damages and moral compensation.

Why choose ALAQD platform

ALAQD platform boasts a team of licensed Saudi lawyers who are experts in drafting commercial contracts. Our lawyers have the ability and substantial legal experience to help our clients write down their rights and obligations while making sure they are compliant with Saudi laws, regulations, and best professional standards.

Common contract templates

Management and operation contract
Employment contract
Service agreement
Deed of sale
Arbitration agreement
Engineering and construction contract
Confidentiality contract
Event agreement
Partnership agreement
Marketing contract

Director Mohammed Almuzayen

Mr. Mohammed Al Muzayen is not only one of Saudi’s finest legal experts but also a great visionary. He envisioned a system wherein companies will no longer have to go from different places just to get solutions for their contract management. With his greatmind and vision, he founded the ALAQD Platform, a legal technology which allows medium and large – sized corporations to have their documents and contract management solutions available online
As the founder and executive manager of the ALAQD Platform, he has the following duties and responsibilities
Develop and execute the ALAQD’s business strategies and oversee ALAQD’s financial performance
Oversee the frequent updates and technical improvements of the ALAQD Platform
Follow up with the Software Engineers
Maintain the harmonious relationship between the Mohammed Al Muzayen Law firm as operator of ALAQD Platform

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